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Television Essay Examples

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The Structure of Viacom

We would like to analyze the structure of Viacom in two aspects, enterprises and management. In terms of enterprises, Viacom has its parent company, subsidiaries and divisions. To be more specific, the parent company of Viacom is National Amusements. The subsidiary is Viacom 18, which includes VH1, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV, Sonic Nickelodeon, Colors and…

Movies and Television Shows Should Include Better Role Models for Their Audiences

I’m sure it has happened plenty of times. When you finish watching a movie and afterwards feel so inspired. This is often when the movie hero was presented as someone we would like to be or has a personality that we admire. Sometimes it can be other characters that are shown to be “cool”, attractive,…

Psychosocial Impact of Television on Children

Television was once considered a luxury item, however, today is just a commodity. Even low income households have one television set, not only for entertainment but to keep in touch with the happenings around the world. Television, like any other technological advancement, bought with it negatives and positives to the society. It was once only…



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Destructive Force: Reality Television

Reality television shows are shows based on real people in real time. Individuals are put, as a group, in a particular environment where each person, or team, experiences roughly the same things. The fan base for realty shows is extensive and the number of shows has been rapidly increasing in recent years. Reality television has…

Books, Television and Films

There are myriad of media types for information communication nowadays. Comparing with a traditional media, such as books, TV and film are more up-to-date media means. However, all of them have their own benefits and drawbacks. Ancient people of different countries used dried palm leaves, silk, stones, papyrus to write texts and transmit them. Therefore,…

Does watching too much television have an impact on behavior

It is very evident that television plays a tremendous role in the society we live in. It can spark imagination, creativity, even take a person out of reality and put them into an imaginary world. Television keeps you informed with news and current events going on around the world, it can take you to unknown…

Reality TV

Reality TV is something that you are seeing more of today. Reality television is when people or celebrities are filmed living there normal everyday lives and are undertaking specific challenges (Farlex Inc., 2012). Reality television attracts many viewers and has become more popular over the past few years. Some shows you may have even heard…

Popular Music, Television, and Film Stars

Everyone at all ages have grown up admiring and idealizing at least on celebrity, be that an actor, singer or any other famous person. What they do not ask while they are young is whether our idols are people we should be looking up to. Usually when people become older they realize that their role…

Television is a Great Invention

In modern time, every people can get information from any others media. Newspaper, smart phone magazine, radio, television are include on it. Most people argue that newspaper is an easiest thing to bring and to buy, in order to get new information. But some people say that television is the worst invention of the modern…

American Television Comedies

It has been a long day. You are exhausted and arrive home after spending several hours at work or school. You decide to watch television and you try to find a funny show, anything that can make you laugh and make your day better. Choosing between several types of comedy shows is hard because there…

Television – Boon Or Bane

Since the invention of the television by John Lagie Baire in 1920, television has been one of the most widely used equipments in households all around the world. People have been amazed by the wide reaching capabilities of television. However, it has been argued that the invention of the television was a mistake and that…

Fist Pumping Their Way To The Top

“Gym, Tanning, Laundry”, these three words have become increasingly popular among teenagers because of MTV’s hit reality television show, Jersey Shore. Television shows and their stars can become very influential to many of their viewers. Many of these viewers strive to be like these stars and mimic their style and attitude, in hopes of living…

History of Television

Television Broadcasting Malaysian television broadcasting was introduced on 28 December 1963. Color television was introduced on 28 December 1978. Full-time color transmissions of grand launched until officially inaugurated on New Year’s Day 1982. There are currently 8 national free-to-air terrestrial television stations in Malaysia and 2 national pay subscription television stations in Malaysia. Out of…

Relations of Television Viewing and Reading

A lot of studies concerning television viewing impacts on students’ academic performance have been made, but there are still questions related to this that are needed to be answered. To bring more clarifications in this aspect, Marco Ennemoser and Wolfgang Scheider conducted the study entitled “Relations of Television Viewing and Reading: Findings From a 4-Year…

Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America

Background Nickelodeon is a cable channel for kids 2-11 years old. It started out in the US in 1979. Nickelodeon produced cartoons, live action, comedy, drama, music, sports and game shows. In 1996 it was the most popular kid’s TV channel in the US. The international channels had their own names, but relied on US…

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